Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Speilgaben has arrived woo hoo

This is what arrived today after waiting since October. They were supposed to be here for Christmas, but you can't rush customs.  Oh well my guys didn't care it just extended Christmas for them.
The top box was a wee bit mangled, but all the pieces are fine. 
This is what came in the top box. 

So it took mommy an hour to unwrap everything. And it was so much fun all I could think of the whole time was what will my sweet boys do with all these fun things. 
And once daddy got home they were allowed to open their last Christmas gift and they went at it with a vengeance. 
Mom I love the colors and the circles, these are my favorites. 
Daddy look I can lift this huge barbell I made.  Daddy told him to be careful and not over lift such huge barbells. 
Check this out brother aren't these circles super cool. 
This is my volcano that will spill all over the Earth not another plant brother.  Mwahaahaahaa 
Mom I lost my main support, I need more support.  Argggggh 
The bad guys are trying to get rid of my fleet mom.  (Some squares and half circles were added to the board.)  They are trapping the guys.  (More squares and half circles.)  They are going to be attacked by more bad guy fleets.  (Even more squares and circles.)  Wait how did you guys get in here?  (Ahhh the diamonds have been added.)  This side is good, that side is bad.  They are going over all my fleets all the bad guys are trying to get me.  (The circles have been added.)  I have beat the bad guys mom.  (The circles and diamonds have been put away.)  I have now turned them all into good guys.  (The rest are put away)
Hope you all had as much fun over Christmas as we've had.
God Bless you and your family.

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