Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas workshop with 4-H

For the first time in 8 years my husband and I spent the day together without our boys.  It was fun we got to shop for our guys, while they got to spend the day with their 4-H team making gifts and projects they will be able to use next year for fair.
They made candy covered nuts along with hot chocolate with chocolate chips, really yummy and rich, and I am not a chocolate person.

My youngest got to paint and decorate this guy. 
Then both our guys made these beautiful ornaments with our favorite hymns hodgepodged on.  
Look who also showed up.  My sweetie pie hanging out with Santa, our boys know that he was a Saint and love the stories, but don't believe in him bringing gifts at Christmastime.  We focus on Christ and giving to others for the month of December instead of getting gifts, but telling Santa what he wants is still fun.
Our eldest made this plaque with chalk paint and his decorative accents.  He was very proud of his paint job and said he had a blast doing this one the most.

Not only did the girls take care of them all day, filling them with yummy candy, fruit and pizza, they also gave all the young ones a wonderful memory of what 4-H is all about.  Being together, enjoying new things and learning how to work together

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