Monday, April 8, 2013

Sick House

Ok I was going to post for the last 4 days , but I've had a horrible head cold and cough and just didn't want to.  On the up side we've been having fun anyway, even with mommy grumpy sick. 
Buggie had a blast making up his very first recipe, he decided we needed more to our croissants so he made his own mixture of sugars and cinnamon that he put in the dough and on the outside.  I was very proud of him for wanting to take control of it and mom didn't help he did it all himself. 
Then Bobo was feeling left out so he became the laundry.  Such a silly guy, but he got our attention and that was the point right.
So then Buggie decided he would help me crack eggs for our egg bake Thurs night after our learning meeting with the vet on how to give insulin injections.  Not a big deal and the kids thought it was fun.  Thunder does not go in unless she has to so we we're shown on a vet cat and Bobo took great pleasure grabbing one of the needles, yeah mommy freaked, and "shot to kiki" was told to the worried looking tripod kitty on the examining table, poor thing.  Daddy explained that these were only for sick kitties and only mommy or daddy can use so off Bobo ran to tell his big brother all about it, I do love how they like to share with each other it's so sweet. 
And this is what Friday looked liked, which is how mommy felt.  We all were feeling icky so we had "movie day" and watched leapfrog and "chuck and friends", Netflix is our friend on days like this.  Buggie has been doing some work even though nothing real structured, I've really been lazy, but that is all changing today with a new schedule, will talk about that later though.  So Buggie has been on and he loves it because it let's him control what he wants to work on, but he has to spend an hour on the learning path they have set up for him, before he can go shopping and build more tunnels for his pet hamsters, on the game, or get new things to play with in his "room".  It's a nice program and it's helped him build independent working skills and use of his timer.  We started using it on the trial basis and Buggie wanted to "buy" it the first day in and for our family it has been a really good fit.  It starts with Toddler, which we'll be starting Bobo on some mommy computer time soon, and goes up till Kindergarten.  Buggie is also loving Charlie Churchmouse software and

Well daddy said church was a must on Sabbath, which is good, but mommy didn't feel like it surprise, I would have much rather been sleeping without noise as they went to church, but off we all went together.  Afterwards we went to a beautiful lake with family friends and the boys had a blast, and it helped me feel better to be in the sun and water too.  We spent the afternoon looking for rocks and shells and the kids founds some beauties.  A wonderful day playing and having fun in God's nature.
Then Sunday we hung out at home while daddy did daddy things around the yard, the boys played and mommy sat and read to them all.  That evening Buggie and daddy went to empty one of our storage units and got met with rain once home, which made for a hard time to get expensive computer equipment into the closer storage building, but he managed it without any issues, what a man, love him to pieces.
So off we go on a new week, trying to get structure back in our school lives and in general.  I am trying Teaching with God's Heart for the World this week, please go check this free resource out.  She gives a great background and daily lessons all tied together.  I just needed something I didn't need to think about but could just do it now and this will work perfect for right now. 
Hope you week begins beautifully and may God Bless you.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My poor furry baby

Side trip.  Our oldest baby, Thunder, has been drinking like a fish and we've gone through a thing of litter in less then 2 weeks.  With only 2 cats that should never happen.  So we thought she was getting sick and off to the Vet we went, which put the boys into freakout mode since their kitty was not home all day.  So after a day of her being gone with a potty test and a blood test we now know that our baby has diabetes. 

So now we are changing her food to a high protein, low carb diet, which crazy enough is Fancy Feast Classic.  Also we get to learn how to give insulin, which is about $150 for a bottle that will wait 3-4 months, injections tomorrow.  After a little less then a day she seems peppier already.  I am hand feeding her for right now because she is major dehydrated.  I mean look at the poor thing totally lethargic.  So now I have a new issue I get to document multiple times a day to make sure I watch for any changes.  But she's our baby and she'll only be 12 this year so for right now we're going to do everything for her.  On the good side she'll take her joint meds, which is really helping her move around easier when she's having a bad day, once a day now since she'll be eating wet food.
Thankfully God has made it financially possible to be able to take care of our little girl for right now so we are sending up lots of thankful prayers.
Hope this will help someone else along the way.
God Bless you all.