Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My poor furry baby

Side trip.  Our oldest baby, Thunder, has been drinking like a fish and we've gone through a thing of litter in less then 2 weeks.  With only 2 cats that should never happen.  So we thought she was getting sick and off to the Vet we went, which put the boys into freakout mode since their kitty was not home all day.  So after a day of her being gone with a potty test and a blood test we now know that our baby has diabetes. 

So now we are changing her food to a high protein, low carb diet, which crazy enough is Fancy Feast Classic.  Also we get to learn how to give insulin, which is about $150 for a bottle that will wait 3-4 months, injections tomorrow.  After a little less then a day she seems peppier already.  I am hand feeding her for right now because she is major dehydrated.  I mean look at the poor thing totally lethargic.  So now I have a new issue I get to document multiple times a day to make sure I watch for any changes.  But she's our baby and she'll only be 12 this year so for right now we're going to do everything for her.  On the good side she'll take her joint meds, which is really helping her move around easier when she's having a bad day, once a day now since she'll be eating wet food.
Thankfully God has made it financially possible to be able to take care of our little girl for right now so we are sending up lots of thankful prayers.
Hope this will help someone else along the way.
God Bless you all.

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