Sunday, March 31, 2013

Our Easter weekend

HAPPY EASTER Our weekend started with a whirlwind trip to Wichita ,KS to see WinterJam. It was wonderful to see all the Christian music groups, 10 groups Capital Kings, OBB, Royal Tailor, Jason Castro, Sidewalk Prophets, Newsong, Jamie Grace, Matthew West, RED and TobyMac.    
Unfortunately these are the only pictures I have. I spaced I had my camera and my phone battery was dead, but there are ton of videos on youtube. The boys crashed hard after the 3rd song from TobyMac, which started about 10:30, after being at the area since 5pm and starting the day at 8 with a 4.5 hour drive.  We tried to get Buggie to see the end of TobyMac on the live feed they had last night, since he was 5 feet from him but he told me to let him go back to sleep, but he fell asleep after the ending of the song he fell asleep to at the concert, so cute he is.
As for today my crazies had a blast.  They woke up to a new VeggieTales from daddy and opened an Easter package from family.

Then Buggie and mom made Resurrection rolls for breakfast, I got to explain the linen was represented by the crescent, the marshmallow melts so it is Jesus, butter is the oils the put on the dead and the cinnamon and sugar are for the death spices.
Then the fun times came the boys went out to look for eggs, which did not happen the way mommy wanted, but they had a good time and we were able to talk through the Easter story as a family.  They also got to go to an egg hunt where they dropped 15000 eggs and the boys got 3 together, we found out later there were different age group areas and we were in with the big kids, it's a good thing we mainly went to see the helicopter drop all the eggs.
So then we came home to more VeggieTales and mom and dad got some time to watch The Bible from the History channel.  It was fabulous and I advise all of you to get it when it comes out April 5.  The story went pretty close to the Bibles writings so we were impressed and the special effects rocked.
Again HAPPY EASTER and God Bless you all

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A very long time gone

Ok so I am not so good at keeping up with my blog sorry. My plan is to go on twice a week now to give an update on school and what we're doing around our place. I never believed I would be so busy and our house so crazed but here it is Bobo is almost 2 and a super daredevil extraordinar and learning new words like a crazed man and Buggie will be 6 and starting 2nd grade. I hope to keep you updated but we'll see how that goes. For now here are some pics from the last month. We are off to WinterJam to enjoy our favorite singers for the Easter holiday and will then have a quiet Easter Sunday with friends. We have been doing many fun things over the last month like making our tomb with chia seeds, which are kind of growing and will put the rock over the opening and our crosses up tomorrow. We have lots of new art up in our windows, lots of tissue sun catcher crosses and pictures drawn with oil pastels. Hope you all have a Blessed Easter May you all remember the gift God has given each of us as He gave His Son Jesus Christ for us to all LIVE with Him. From our family to yours. Happy Easter The Morrison's