Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Little Delayed

Well we've spent the last few weeks deciding on a curriculum for Buggie and we've finally ordered Little Hands to Heaven and The Weekly Curriculum Book: 52 Complete Themes for Every Week of the Year and Letter of the Week and Critical Thinking PreK Bundle.
Okay so now that I have given you curriculum overload, here's the jist of what we'll be doing.
Buggie has a tendancy to whip through things quickly and catch on the very first time so I wanted to have enough in my folder to keep him challenged and mix it up. We also will do lapbooks and lots of extras when we want, I just like to be ahead of the curve. We'll have lots of fun and as always Buggie and God will lead us.
Have a Blessed day.
Love Gretchen

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Springtime

I hope you all were able to go outside and enjoy the wonderful weather over yesturday and today we sure did. Buggie did lots of school stuff but in an unstructured way we enjoyed a great afternoon out yesturday listening to the birds, dogs and trains, while naming all the vehicles that drove by. It was good to be out in the fresh air so much so that this morning when Buggie woke up and saw it was sunny he asked to go out, so I checked to see how cold it was, it was chilly. He wanted to go out so bad so we were out till his cheeks were starting to turn pink, but he wasen't cold at all, had to promise to come back out later. So in we went and played and warmed up with food since going outside was much more important then eating our morning meal. Then around noon I tried to sneak out and check the temp but Buggie was right there asking to put his shoes on so off we went into the wide wonderful backyard for 2 hours of fun.
he turned our backyard into quarry as I read him Goldielocks and the 3 Bears (This is fun because he gets to play but he has to pay attention too cause mommy asks questions as the story goes along and he did an awesome job of answering them and he retold the story afterwards while burying all his cars)and we played stop/go or green light/red light same thing. And we were in our sterilite sandbox driving through the purple sand and rescuing all the vehicles we could. Then it was back to the quarry after a quick run on our balance beam in the middle of the yard (a 2x4) and mom got ready to read The Gingerbread Man, now Buggie is 2.5, but we are finding he has an amazing retention and recall ability. So I ask if he remembers the story and he says yes mommy. I ask was he nice or naughty, oh he was very naughty mommy. Well Buggie why was he very naughty, beacuse mommy he kept running away, I was so proud of him. But here is the kicker, we've only listened to that story once on CD 3 weeks ago. So if anybody has any advise on gifted homeschool curriculum, please let me know.

We went out again after nap because it's supposed to snow tomorrow and I wanted Buggie to get as much fun in as we could without snow.

Well God is good and I hope you all have a Blessed evening.


PS I promise to add pics later oh and did I say we colored rice tonight, well daddy and Buggie colored rice, check out The Foster Clan's site to do this project too. So much fun and we are so excited to play with it all tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Have You ever had one of those days

I had great ambition to work on many different faucets of my sons learning, yeah well that didn't happen. He decided we needed to read all morning and play in his rice and beans with his trucks and hide his Brown Bear cards. Well learning takes place even when it's not directed by us. Thankfully God has a plan and we're not in charge of it. We had a great day snuggling and playing in our bed while we read together. It was a no TV or computer day, which went over better then the last time. Buggie didn't ask for either today, which is not what happened the last time we had a no TV and computer day, he wanted to watch shows and he was grumpy.
I hope you all have a Blessed day.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Clean Challenge

With our bug being sick last week I slacked miserably on the challenge so I am picking up today at day 6 and posting day 11 so I can touch base with everyone else and be accountable. This will help me so much because day 6 is all about getting a schedule and working the kinks out. This is what I need because we really need a structure to our household right now. I feel nothing gets done, because I just let the day slip by as I mess around and play with bug off and on. This will help me to get my schedule and his going together so we as a family can have as much time together when dad gets home rather then me running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Thanks again Melissa.

May God Bless and keep you today

I don’t know about all of you, but I am starting the week exhausted.
Last week buggie got a fever so we pretty much spent the week in mom and dad’s bed watching Dora and reading books. I think I know the Choo-Choo episode by heart now. Then as he got better over the weekend dad decided to destroy our entryway and make our garage into a living room.
I am very happy about this, but it was just an inopportune time to do it, since I won’t go to sleep, which is what he wanted me to do, just in case my baby gets hurt working by himself. So I am a little sleep deprived from that and bug waking up every hour last night. From midnight till 6, us being loving and silly parents we let him come be with us, so every hour he wanted to go back and forth from our bed to his. Parents decided no more from today on, he was just so sick and it was his first sickness at 31 months old, only allergies since he left the hospital at 5 days old.
But now I have a well child, tired husband and 3 foot more in our entryway. It’s a nice feeling to have one of our wants done, well we have to finish it tonight, but close enough.
God Bless and keep you this week.

Okay 2nd Blog opening today

I started a blog last year sometime when I started teaching my little boy about cows from brightly Beaming Resources at Unfortunatly we had to much fun and I so did not touch the blog.
As my tag says I am a teacher and an accountant who loves being at home with my bug boy. I had a hard time at first not using my degrees, but now I would never give up this opportunity. We as a family thank God every day that it is possible for me to be home, but we do miss daddy.
Dad is a Geek that owns a computer business and gets to contol most of bugs computer learning time when he gets home. They have a great time on bugs Mac, that they built together.
Now that my bug is bigger and we're doing things that others can use I have decided to start up again. We've started working on lapbooking with help from and had a blast making this train pack, bug plays with it at least once a week still and we made it the first week of January.
Since then we have not been doing anything structured, we play more with puzzles, playing in rice, matching cards, etc. Two weeks ago we started a tot pack from She is so awesome and I love all the resources she gives for what her kids are doing.
Hope you enjoy the links and see you soon.
God Bless you and keep you daily,