Monday, March 15, 2010

Okay 2nd Blog opening today

I started a blog last year sometime when I started teaching my little boy about cows from brightly Beaming Resources at Unfortunatly we had to much fun and I so did not touch the blog.
As my tag says I am a teacher and an accountant who loves being at home with my bug boy. I had a hard time at first not using my degrees, but now I would never give up this opportunity. We as a family thank God every day that it is possible for me to be home, but we do miss daddy.
Dad is a Geek that owns a computer business and gets to contol most of bugs computer learning time when he gets home. They have a great time on bugs Mac, that they built together.
Now that my bug is bigger and we're doing things that others can use I have decided to start up again. We've started working on lapbooking with help from and had a blast making this train pack, bug plays with it at least once a week still and we made it the first week of January.
Since then we have not been doing anything structured, we play more with puzzles, playing in rice, matching cards, etc. Two weeks ago we started a tot pack from She is so awesome and I love all the resources she gives for what her kids are doing.
Hope you enjoy the links and see you soon.
God Bless you and keep you daily,

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