Monday, December 22, 2014

Sick Again

Ok as I was so happy yesterday about the sickness being gone I then spent the evening with Buggie throwing-up all night and sleeping on the couch, which is where he loves to sleep, being close to mom and dad.
My super spy declared he was on the search for Tics.  He got into it looking all over the house to make sure it was all clear and no evil blood suckers were in the house sneaking up on us.  Our guys love to use their magnifying glass, from friends for Bobo's birthday and their level, which Bobo loves to talk about small, large and medium (part of a song from Leapfrog's Magnificent Museum of Opposites)  along with square, square and rectangle mommy.  Even with the sickness we are still doing a little schoolwork on Volcanos lapbook, for some reason that is just what they are into right now and with reading our 25 books of Christmas presents, where they have gotten a new book each night will do a post on that later today maybe, and reading Tabitha's Travel's for our Advent story.  My guys are big readers, as long as mommy is doing the reading.
Right now this is what my couch looks like, both boys are keeping pretty still not that they are happy about that, but crackers and 7-up keeps them happy.  Little brother is doing fine he just wants to be like brother so crackers and 7-up for him too.  Well mommy gave in to the kid pressure and is now letting them watch some Dragon Riders of Berk.  Hope you day is going well.
God Bless

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