Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The letter D

Buggie has gotten tired of taking 2 weeks to do a letter so we have cut it down to one between B, C and D. B was almost 2 weeks, C 1.5 weeks and now D will be a week long. It helped that B and C went together since our themes were Butterfly and Caterpillar. Now we are reading and making dinosaur stuff. We have An alphabet book for the theme that we read daily along with some early readers that Buggie can read some of the words from, it's so cute. Then we have 2 science/history or reference books that we read and 4-6 fiction/non-fiction books that go along with the theme. We also have at least 2-4 chapter books for the week to read, which Buggie loves to have done while he is working on writing skills, art projects, or just while we're outside and he's playing in the sand, which can sometimes be 3 hours of the day, we love it and he loves being read to can I ask for more??? I think not!!!

Buggie is having so much fun now that I just leave his scissors and construction paper out I catch him cutting all the time now and he's really getting good. He cut out a "B" last Friday staying on the lines and everything, it was awesome.

Yesturday we got an early start and went straight out to the garden to pick corn and Buggie even helped husk a few after he rounded them all up from mommy's throwing session, hee hee hee I forgot to grab a bag or basket to collect them in. We even had some for dinner I have to wait till sometime today before I freeze though since I forgot we didn't have any freezer bags, bad mommy. Then it was book time, beads, lacing boards, stencils, back outside, books, train match-up, name with magnets, books, Rod and Staff worksheets, lunch, books and more books, nap, grocery and car playing upstairs, Piano practice, Twister, dinner, some daddy time, Bedtime routine and bed (which means from 9:30-11 he got out of his bed 4 times for bathroom and loves).

Buggie is really getting into his chores now too. He helps me do laundry (put clothes in washer and dryer, which is a big deal for an almost 2 yr old) and he makes sure the cats feeder and waterer are full every other day, which he takes very seriously. He is also getting so much better at cleaning up after himself without being asked, closing the door behind him and washing his hands after the bathroom and when we come in from outside. We are having a hard time with him just going outside without asking and having mommy or daddy with him and stopping when we ask him to stop, any suggestions would be appreciated.

Potty training is complete, although he did have an accident yesturday morning before he woke up, but it was my fault I let him have a long late night drink and he was so upset since he had been dry for 9 days and we had just had a dry night party on Friday, so I had to explain that accidents happen and we loved him no matter what, so he climbed into our bed and after mom cleaned up we all went back to sleep.

I will link some pictures and websites later this week of what we're doing.

God Bless

Love Gretchen

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