Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crazy House

Hey All,
Life at our house is crazy, which usually does happen right before big events like holidays and vacations. But right now is the worst because we procrastinate big time until a couple of weeks before Buggie's birthday and go insane trying to get, in this years instance, our house flipped upside down with 3 building projects going on at the same time, while Hubbie is hardly able to be home. Well the nice thing is we've always gotten it all done in time, bad thing is doing so much in such a little time plus doing the normal day-to-day things like planning school for the next week and getting ready for tomorrow. Well at this point we have a fence up, the bugs are dying in our backyard and our storage behind the house is almost ready for the stuff from our basement. This means we still have a wall to put up in the storage, all the basement storage has to be moved upstairs, along with whatever else I can not bring myself to throw away to get it out of the house. Then we can move mine and Hubbies offices', with some room for Buggie to play, to the basement. After that Buggie can move to his upstairs "Big Boy Room" and our bedroom can move upstairs. Last, but so not least I can finally get my schoolroom and a familyroom/library on our main level. I'm excited, but as you see we have so much to do.
We would have gotten more done today, but Hubbie sliced his palm open helping his brother out today, otherwise I'd be moving boxes by now. I'm just thankful it was a couple of layers of skin and not something more serious and he actually needed to take a day off since we've been going non-stop for the last 2 weeks. Tomorrow we will be back to the grindstone.
Ok so if that was not enough, we have at least 60 people coming for Buggie's birthday party, 90 if the unresponsive come too. He's so social and kept asking for his Sabbath School friends to be invited and family is coming and neighbors so it'll be a large bash for a soon to be 3 year old. We like to entertain so this should be fun.
Pray for us not to have any worse accidents.
God Bless you all.

Love Gretchen

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