Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our new family member

Our oldest, Thunder, has diabetes and renal failure so in order to prepare the family. We want to make sure Galic has a friend and the boys, we, have another kitty to help when the time comes for our baby girl.  So hubbie found a Calico kitty when he picked our two up from the kitty hotel after our excursion to MN for the weekend. We checked it out and were ready to adopt her until the Humane Society said oh no she was adopted last night. So after about 30 mins of babies crying and nashing of teeth we asked to look at the kitties that were adoptable. Very quickly Buggie, Bobo and I fell in love with our new baby, Stardust or Dusty as the boys have nicknamed her.
Unfortunately she has an upper respritory problem right now and is healing from being fixed but she is on the uphill and we are so happy to have her.
Hope all is well and God Bless

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