Saturday, July 6, 2013

On our way

We headed to MN for my moms graduation from the Catholic churches Catechism classes, which she spent the last four years in classes, writing papers and spending weekends in Winona.  We are very proud of her and decided to go and be part of it.
Buggie had been throwing up and had a fever since the end of VBS. We were hoping all would be done a week later, but 20 mins into the trip the great green bowl was pulled out and used. Then again about 2 hours later. We figured worse case Mayo Clinic was 20 mins from moms so wed be in good hands.
Well we got to moms and Buggies sickness went away, we think he was just so excited about seeing family that his body was in overload.
After we passed that worry we had good times with family. We got to have a grill out w mom and her boyfriend and hung out with my sister and her family and our cousins and auntie. It was a grand time celebrating.
The next day we checked out my cousins new house and had a fabulous ride to Winona with my aunt. When we got there we had a good family time there along with the ceremony and wonderful dinner put on by the church. Afterwards we went to a little dive that had fabulous homemade rootbeer and the boys played.
After the whirlwind day and a half we turned South and headed home. A lot of craziness but worth it for such a special event for my mommy.
Hope you are all well and having fun. God Bless

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