Friday, September 6, 2013

Edgerton Science Center

We had a blast yesterday going to the first homeschool event of the year at Edgerton Science Center, in Aurora, NE. My boys had a blast for an hour, before classes started, playing with all the hands-on fun. 
Mine traveled around and looked at most of the stuff, Bobo stayed at the train tables and Buggie tried out eveything he could get his hands on, but loved being at the spinning table the best. He also got to play a Kinect Wipeout game with an older girl and Bobo, life sized Operation game, waterway play, and lots of other fun things.
Then the class began about Monarch Migration. The class went over lots of information on Monarchs life cycle and migration patterns. Then we all split into 2 groups:  catching and tagging was group 1 and cutting and gathering seeds for butterfly habitats was group 2. Lots of fun had by all.
Buggie said his favorite things were "being with his family, making giant bubbles and seeing the butterflies".

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