Monday, June 17, 2013

Back to fun

We started the week out going to the BIG zoo with friends. Lots of walking and we even got to ride the train, spoiled babies. Wish the elephants were back though. We will go back soon because we did not get to see all we wanted since we had an hour and a half wait in the train line, bit the boys enjoyed it and that is really what matters.
We had a great time at our homeschool group last week @ Antelope Park. Buggie got to play swords, still figuring out if he is old enough, if Im comfortable with that yet, but good experiment.  Bobo had a blast playing and hanging w the big kids. 
We also did a geocaching excursion at Pioneers Park with another homeschool group, sorry no pictures. It was great fun and lots of hiking, Bobo got lots of piggyback rides and Buggie loved being in a group where most of the children are his age and some are even SDA, which is awesome.

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