Thursday, May 30, 2013

Grrrrrr Starting over again

I guess starting over is a theme for me on this blog.  With family visits, birthdays and lingering sickness, which we are still in, I have been sidetracked.
Don't get me wrong we've been having a blast too.  The boys are having fun here at Daddy's office when we brought them homemade pizza and "CRACK" bars (PB rice crispies w PB fudge and PB cups and PB&Choco fudge topping, but really easy to make) for daddy's birthday.  We've been asked to come back often, let me tell you that feels good that people want my kids to come back, we must be doing something right.   
The boys had lots of fun having races in the house with each other and dad, since mean mom wouldn't let them out while they had fevers for what seemed like a month since everybody got sick one at a time, but was only 2.5 weeks.
Then we had Grammie (the young lady standing and smiling) come from MN to visit for Bobo's birthday along with some friends here locally, like our friend Charlie the dog and auntie Christina(who is petting him), I can't believe he's 2 already, but then it seems like he's been with us forever too.  Yep we got him Bongos this year and both boys play them daily, or like big brother had happen yesterday, get attacked by them (they fell on Buggies head and left a huge bump and lots of tears poor guy)  We also gained a considerable amount of Lego Duplos/MegaBlocs, which are in high demand and used multiple times during the day.

Ok so now I have gone crazy with pictures because I could not have a better Mother's Day ever, well unless my mommy had been with us, but she could make it this year so we'll forgive her.  But my 2nd mommy, my Auntie, the boys Grammie, was here and we had a blast.  We went to a garden that had models made out of Legos, which my boys are way into, Buggie kept looking at how many bricks eack model took and kept asking how many more he needed at home so he could make them.  First off we didn't know the engines were there and spent a lot of time playing in that area and then the walk back we read all about the line and climbed a lot, we are a rock climbing family but have nothing big to climb here in NE so we climb anything we can.  Thankfully they did not get pictures but I was right in there with my boys since the retaining wall was taller than my 6'4 husband and both boys were determined to climb it multiple times.
Then we went to the gardens for the afternoon and walked and walked and walked, but had so much fun doing it, unfortunately it wasn't all open so we enjoyed all that was.  With all the water and the warmth I am very surprised my boys did not end up wet at all.  All I can say is we had an amazing time and the weekend ended way to soon. 
Hope you all are feeling Blessed by God's Love

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