Thursday, June 14, 2012

We're finally back

Ok so it's been a long time friends, but I have decided to post at least every other day and we'll see how it goes. We have started our summer off right with the 2012 Summer Challenge. We spent our Sabbath at a picnic and then WaterFest checking out the city vehicles and learning all about water and, sorry just got a 1 yr old flute in the face as Bibi has just learned how to blow and make nice sounds from the recorder. Anyway, Buggie had a blast planted 2 sets of seeds that we brought home one to plant and one a self made terranium, he's very excited for the seeds to grow. we also have a baby lilac bush and CO blue spruce we are hoping will live thru the summer but no garden this year oh well lots of fun things to do. Buggie also got to ride in a canoe and do some fishing, which were both on our summer bucket list. He was a little scared and did not want any pictures taken since we were with strangers and just mom, he held on to me for dear life till we got back to shore and then decided he would do it again but not that day. So off to fishing we went, excuse me the boys went, so sweet a boy his dad and a fishing rod, they had a blast for the 20 mins left of WaterFest, Buggie decided he wants to fish with daddy all the time now, maybe mommy too. We'll I'm sure we'll backtrack during our blogging time, but we're off to new fun activities for now. Working on Father's day projects and enjoying VBS for right now. Hope you are having a great beggining to your summer, join in on the summer challenge to make it even more special for you and the kids. Signing off Gretchen

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