Sunday, June 6, 2010

Back to school

So we actually did make it through the first week of preschool. Ok it was 2 weeks ago and we haven't done anything scheduled since, but hey we're working on it. So we focused on the letter Aa. We are going through in alphabetical order and working with a color, number and shape along with starting spanish. Our curriculum is explained in a previous blog.

We started with lots of puzzles. We worked through our curriculums for the letter A, sorry we have pictures of that somewhere I just don't know where. Buggie is up to a 60 piece puzzle, which for an almost 3 yr old is pretty good sine he can do it all himself.

And the man loves his puff ball's. He loves to count, size, and anything else he can think of doing with them. He's learning how to do sequenceing with the puff ball's too, which is interesting to watch and I love seeing the "ahh haa" moments.

So Buggie loves music in every form, CD, live, his own you name it he'll do it and listen to it all which is good cause mom and dad have 2 way different tastes at times and he'll jam with us both on any given day which is always fun to do and see.

The man is a nature lover and if he could do all his learning outside during all seasons he would. First thing in the morning the first question is, "Can we go outside now mommy", this is while he's still in his bed. He loves all animals and chat's with his squirrel and bird friends on a daily basis, which is really cute because they actually chatter back to him and come up pretty close to Buggie, some of the squirrels just sit and watch Westley from a branch, while they chatter back and forth.

He is a painter by trade, haa haa haa, the man loves to play and paint, mud, water and anything else are awesome palettes to use. Hope you enjoy, we're going to try to post zoo pictures from last week this coming week, haa haa we'll see.

God Bless you and your families,

Gretchen and Buggie

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